Kinda sorta picture of my dress I made for my friend’s wedding over Labor Day weekend.  Yes, I am making my boyfriend model for me.

I know you all are dying to see the entire dress, so I’ll have to stop being lazy and edit my pictures.  Boo-urns.

Oh yeah, who just ate Boo Berries for breakfast?

Yes, I am still in elementary school.

My new cowl I finally crocheted.  I love giant yarn because it takes two seconds to whip up.

Make your own (so easy)!


A while ago I stitched these little flowers just for fun on a fabric scrap. I liked it but didn´t know what to do with it…

….and yesterday (finally) I had an idea ! See yourself ;)

 Super cute.  I love that color scheme.

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Public Market + Spinal Tap + Apricot Wheat = Good Day.

I swear, once my schedule regains a sense of normalcy, I will knit again.  Also, I will be teaching my friend Alex how to crochet Cthlulu. Woot.

My next project.  WHY HAVE I NOT MADE THIS YET?

Via my favorite time waster.

(Also, the picture saved to my desktop as “woolporn3”.  Fun fact.)

A wedding + a failed Irish knit sweater + hiking in the Adirondacks

= tired and hungry for Country Sweet ribs.  ‘N biscuits.

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I think I would make a great housewife




I cook, clean, bake, knit, wash up, do clothes washing, ironing, hoovering, make cocktails, make hot drinks and I am alright in bed!

By this definition, in a strictly interpreted sense, I would make a great housewife as well.

Take out anything remotely related to cleaning and that’s me.  As for the cleaning?  That’s why I’m employing a househusband.

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Prayer Time - 08/31/2010 - photo by Will Yurman

Aishah Quddus prays at her mosque, the World Sufi Foundation Mosque, in Carlton, N.Y. Journalists descended on the mosque Tuesday after five area teenagers were arrested, accused of disrupting a religious service at the mosque.  Members of the mosque say they have been harassed for years and this time a gun was fired and one member of the mosque injured when he was hit by a car.

With the phrase hate crime being tossed into the story, and the ongoing controversy over the proposed Islamic Center in New York City, this story generated a lot of interest. I was most struck though by how open and inviting the members of the congregation were - inviting us inside the mosque, allowing me to photograph Ms. Quddus while she prayed.

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